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State-of-the-art health check providing you a clear overview of your health situation

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The check-up consists of:


Questionnaire and interview

Physical Examination

Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Neuro


Height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, pulse

Urine Test

Blood cells, proteins, glucose

Blood Test

Depending on your lifestyle, age and diet the medical doctor will recommend you the most suitable profile.


Registration of your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity

The Health Check-ups

We offer four different Health Check-ups, all with consultation with a medical doctor, physical & blood diagnostics.

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Certified Laboratory

In co-operation with Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics we offer certified and high-quality laboratory diagnostics.

Multilingual consultations

Consultations can be offered in the Dutch, English or German language.

Our team

Dr Dubois and Dr Bongers are general practitioners in gezondheidscentrum Wassenaar.

What do our clients say:

‘A professional and personal approach, with empathy and attention. A preventive check-up that everybody should do annually, absolutely worth it.’ Christianne

‘Fulfilled my long-standing wish for a health check-up without having to bother my G.P.’

‘A fantastic experience, I can recommend it to everybody.’ Iris

‘Turning 50 and believing in preventive medicine, made me decide to book a check-up. It was a satisfying experience. The medical doctor and her assistent are professional and friendly. The physical examination and diagnostics have given me a good insight in how to optimize my vitamine intake and further adjust my diet. I intend to repeat this check-up every year or every other year.’ L.F

‘I have been looking for a full physical check since I arrived in The Netherlands years ago.
I found the team very knowledgeable and thorough.
The overall experience felt like a genuine partnership both in the assessment and action plan post results discussion.’ M.Tovar

Working hours

8AM – 5PM

Appointments are preferably to be made online, if wished by e-mail or phone on:

+31 630050338

Our address

Wassenaar Health Check
Huisartspraktijk Bongers
Hofcampweg 65
2241 KE Wassenaar

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